uPVC Ooredoo/QNBN Ducts 56A

Introducing KG Plastic uPVC Ooredoo/QNBN Ducts & Duct Bends, the ultimate solution for a variety of applications. Designed with versatility in mind, these ducts and duct bends are perfect for telecommunication, cable management systems, road crossing (below ground) cabling, and more. Offering high impact resistance, they can withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring reliable protection for your cables. With exceptional heat stability and resistance, these ducts and duct bends are built to endure severe weather conditions. Complying with Ooredoo Specification No. Ooredoo MAT 1010C, the dimensional specifications of the uPVC Ooredoo Ducts (54 D & 56 A) and Duct Bends guarantee their compatibility and reliability. Trust KG Plastic for high-quality uPVC Ooredoo/QNBN Ducts & Duct Bends that provide exceptional performance and meet the rigorous demands of your projects.