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TOMEX - FROZEN CUT GREEN BEANS (4X2.5KG) are pre-cut green beans that have been frozen for convenience and easy storage. Each pack contains 4 bags, each weighing 2.5kg.


Experience the freshness and convenience of TOMEX Frozen Cut Green Beans. These beans are carefully selected, cut, and frozen to preserve their natural flavor and nutrients. Each pack contains 4 bags of 2.5kg, ensuring you always have a sufficient supply for your culinary needs.

Our frozen green beans are perfect for adding a healthy and delicious touch to your meals. Whether you're making a stir-fry, soup, casserole, or salad, these beans will bring a vibrant green color and a crisp texture to your dishes.

With TOMEX Frozen Cut Green Beans, you can enjoy the taste of fresh beans all year round. They are quick and easy to prepare, saving you time in the kitchen. Simply steam, boil, or sauté them according to your preference, and they will be ready to serve in no time.

Each bag is carefully sealed to maintain the quality and freshness of the beans. The packaging is designed to withstand freezing temperatures, ensuring that the beans remain intact and free from freezer burn.

Order your TOMEX Frozen Cut Green Beans today and elevate your meals with the goodness of nature. With their long shelf life and convenient packaging, these beans are a must-have for every kitchen.