KG High Pressure Pipe 1 1/4

Introducing KG Plastic High Pressure Pipes, designed to meet the stringent requirements of BS EN 3505 and BS EN 3506 standards. These versatile pipes find extensive applications across various disciplines, showcasing their exceptional properties. KG Plastic High Pressure Pipes excel in distributing drinkable cold water, air conditioning drain systems, piping networks for swimming pool facilities, rainwater utilization, driplrrigation networks, and many other applications. With outstanding corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion, and resistance to UV light, these pipes ensure long-lasting performance. Their remarkable chemical resistance safeguards against damage from various substances, while the zero leakage feature guarantees reliable operation. Trust KG Plastic High Pressure Pipes for dimensional excellence and compliance with BS EN 3505 and BS EN 3506, ensuring superior performance in demanding environments.