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The Bosch DIY MSR JIG SAW PST 700 E is a versatile and powerful tool designed for precision cutting. With its ergonomic design and lightweight construction, this jigsaw is perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. The variable speed control allows for accurate and controlled cuts in various materials, while the integrated dust extraction system keeps your workspace clean. Whether you're working on wood, plastic, or metal, the Bosch DIY MSR JIG SAW PST 700 E delivers exceptional performance and reliability.

Discover the versatility and precision of the PST 700 E, a powerful jigsaw designed for smooth cutting across a variety of materials.

Equipped with Bosch Electronic technology, this jigsaw ensures continuous cutting progress and offers variable speeds, giving you optimal control over your work. Experience minimal vibration, allowing for controlled and convenient operation even during extended use.

With its lightweight and compact size, the PST 700 E provides easy handling, reducing fatigue during your cutting tasks. It can cut up to 70 mm from 45°-90° angles in a wide range of materials, making it a versatile tool for various projects.

The SDS system enables quick and easy keyless saw blade changes, enhancing your efficiency and reducing downtime during work.

Technical Specifications:

- Power Input: 500 W
- Power Output: 300 W
- Stroke Rate at No Load: 500 – 3,100 spm
- Sole Plate: Steel
- Cutting Depth in Wood: 70 mm
- Cutting Depth in Steel: 4 mm
- Weight: 1.7 kg

Noise/Vibration Information:

- Vibration Emission Value ah (Sawing Wood): 10.0 m/s²
- Vibration Emission Value ah (Sawing Sheet Metal): 11.0 m/s²
- Uncertainty K: 3.0 m/s²
- The A-rated noise level of the power tool is typically as follows: Sound pressure level dB(A); Sound power level dB(A). Uncertainty K= dB. Measured values determined in accordance with EN 60745 Vibration total values (vector sum of three directions).

The PST 700 E jigsaw delivers precise and smooth cutting performance across various materials. Its ergonomic design, variable speed control, and ease of blade changes make it the perfect tool for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Get your cutting tasks done efficiently and with precision using this reliable jigsaw.